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Woman accused of assaulting infant wanted on bench warrant

A mother accused of assaulting her infant in 2016 is now wanted after failing to appear for her court check-ins.
Jessica Coyle, 23, was released with conditions June 2, about 2½ weeks before she was due to give birth to another child.
The Cape May Court House woman and the baby’s father, Ryan Moore, are accused of conspiracy, aggravated assault and child endangerment after the 2-month-old was found to have a fractured skull, along with bruising and scratches to the face and head.
The incident allegedly happened Oct. 13, 2016, in Atlantic City.

Superior Court Judge Bernard DeLury allowed the release, despite objections from Assistant Prosecutor Danielle Buckley and probation.
“We vehemently object to her release,” Buckley told DeLury at the time, after reading a Facebook message Coyle allegedly sent to a relative who asked about a doctor’s call for the baby,
“I don’t care,” Coyle wrote. “No more kids in the (blank) way,”
Coyle had been found incompetent to stand trial in September, with an evaluation finding her “intellectually disabled” and placing her comprehension at a third-grade level, defense attorney Melissa Rosenblum-Pisetzner said.
But a second evaluation by the prosecution has found her competent.
Coyle was supposed to appear in court with her attorney last week, but didn’t show up. At that time, the judge informed Rosenblum-Pisetzner that Coyle had not done her mandated check-in in three weeks. A bench warrant was issued.
She originally had been ordered to report three weeks after giving birth, as long as medically cleared. And then to check in every two weeks.
Coyle’s criminal history dates to 2012, when the then-18-year-old gave a false driver’s license, court records show. She also has a prostitution conviction from 2013, and casino prosecution the next year.

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