Bridgeton man pleads guilty to human trafficking

A Bridgeton man pleaded guilty to human trafficking for sex with an adult victim Wednesday.
Marcus Tukes, 47, admitted he gave lodging to one of the victims with the purpose of promoting the victim’s prostitution.
He requested bail pending his sentencing Nov. 17. But that was denied by Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Waldman.
“Marcus Tukes is a predator, pure and simple,” First Assistant Prosecutor Cary Shill said. “He has made a career of perpetuating human slavery through prostitution.”
Tukes was originally charged with promoting prostitution of a minor with Courtney Glose, 31, of Brigantine.
Glose  previously pled guilty to providing a hotel room for the girl to be prostituted in, and agreed to testify truthfully against Tukes, if necessary.
Tukes was indicted in March for trafficking two adult women and a minor.
Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner has named human trafficking, along with gun violence and opioid abuse, as top problems his office is handling.
He has made a career of perpetuating
“Under Prosecutor Tyner’s leadership, the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office is committed to rehabilitating victims of human trafficking, while aggressively pursuing and prosecuting those who force them into the sex trade industry against their will,” Shill said.
Tukes faces a 10-year sentence as part of the plea agreement.