Atlantic City man indicted in human-trafficking case sparked by drug overdose

An Atlantic City man who allegedly beat women he forced to sell their bodies on the street has been indicted on charges of human trafficking and promoting prostitution.
Tahir Gregory, 38, has been jailed since his arrest in September, when he was accused of forcing two women to engage in prostitution by using threats of bodily harm and drugs. One of the women also had her identification documents taken by Gregory.
At a detention hearing in October, Senior Assistant Prosecutor Danielle Buckley told the judge that Gregory put a “bounty” on one of the women when she tried to leave.
He posted the woman’s picture on Facebook, writing: “Anybody seen this (expletive)” with dollar signs, Buckley said. That post was saved as evidence.
When he did track her down, Gregory allegedly dragged the woman by her hair and locked her in a closet long enough so that she urinated.
One alleged victim said she saw Gregory “beat other girls as if they were grown men,” according to an account read in court.
The investigation was sparked when a woman overdosed and died in Gregory’s bathroom, Buckley told Superior Court Judge Donna Taylor at the time.
Searches as a result of the investigation led to more than 100 bags of pure fentanyl and a handgun. They also found several electronic devices.
If convicted of human trafficking, Gregory could face 20 years to life in prison.
This was the result of a long-term joint investigation and cooperative effort between the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office Major Crimes Unit, the FBI’s Child Exploitation Task Force and the Atlantic City Police Department.
Senior Assistant Prosecutor Danielle Buckley represents the State.