April Kauffman’s killer died of heroin overdose, prosecutor says

More details have been released on how the man who killed April Kauffman died.
Ferdinand Augello is accused of recruiting Francis Mulholland to kill the veterans advocate inside her Linwood home May 10, 2012.
More than a year later, Mulholland — known as Frank — was found dead in his Villas home in Lower Township of a heroin overdose.
Next to him was a blue wax fold marked Pitbull and a syringe. The Pitbull tested positive for heroin.
Kauffman’s husband, Dr. James Kauffman, allegedly gave cash and drugs to the men in exchange for his wife’s killing.
Mulholland had made statements that he received about $20,000 in cash for his role, though this number has been speculated at being higher.
The money was picked up on the day of the killing by Ferdinand Augello’s ex-wife, Beverly Augello, along with additional scripts. The
Beverly Augello is also charged in the drug scheme that included James Kauffman writing Oxycontin prescriptions for people Freddy Augello sent to him in exchange for money.
Augello at the time was allegedly the president of the Cape May County chapter of the Pagans Motorcycle Club.
All those he recruited allegedly were either Pagans members or associates.