Uptown School food becomes issue for parents

Some Atlantic City parents are concerned after their children reported bugs in the food at the Uptown School Complex.
“Our kids are supposed to be taken care of while in school and they aren’t eating because bugs are in their food,” parent Linda Rodriguez wrote in a Facebook post.
But school officials insist those reports are false.
“We had the Atlantic City Health Department come to the school, and gave us a clean bill of health,” Superintendent Barry Caldwell told BreakingAC.
He said he also spoke with the food service provider, who said “these complaints are unfounded.”
Some parents aren’t convinced.
Rodriguez said both her sixth-grade son and third-grade daughter reported seeing bugs in the food.
She noted that other parents are also commenting on her post about what their kids have seen.
One of them is Alisa Howard, who said her daughter reported seeing bugs in another student’s food.
“The student threw her food in the trash and told a teacher,” Howard said. “The teacher reported it to the office but said that he never laid eyes on the bugs because the tray of food was already in the trash.”
Caldwell said an exterminator comes weekly, and they concentrate on particular areas of concern.
Several parents said they plan to go to the next Board of Education meeting, scheduled for Feb. 22, to voice their concerns in person.