BreakingAC debuts new series highlighting local YouTubers


Residents are finding their voice — and a following — on YouTube.
Local channels offer a little bit of everything, from web series to make-up tutorials to weather and sports and everything in between.
Whether it’s to highlight their musical talents or share their inner thoughts, they all show a passion for what they post, and in return they get thousands of views and followers! However, this isn’t the case for everyone on YouTube, so if you are struggling you can access youtube views from buzzvoice to get yourself and your channel on the radar!
Starting next week, BreakingAC will be highlighting a different YouTuber each week.
A story will introduce the YouTuber and a brief video — created by them — will run with it.

BreakingAC is asking readers for what the new series should be called. Any ideas? Comment below or email BreakingAC at Name That Series

The announcement for the new series was made Wednesday night on the local Facebook Live podcast, Poddy Mouth.
Started by Atlantic City’s Mia Gonzalez, Tajh Shelton and Kashawn Mckinley, the cast has been gaining a loyal following.
“Initially, I wanted to do my own podcast because I felt I’ve always had a way with words and personality is everything these days,” Gonzalez said.
But then she decided she needed a male co-host.
Her friend, Tajh Shelton, was exactly what she was looking for: “funny, smart and raw — a male version of myself.”
But the two friends were a little too alike. That’s where “Kash” Mckinley came in.
“He was the missing piece and a great addition,” Gonzalez said.
He also brought with him the perfect venue, Coco’s Chicken and Waffles, where he manages and where the show now broadcasts from at 8 every Wednesday night.
“We felt like every city has a great morning show, radio show, podcast, etc., except for Atlantic City,” Gonzalez said.
They don’t shy away from topics and warn their viewers that this show isn’t for children.
“It’s been fun, and very informative,” Mckinley said. “We’ve touched on topics that give people a different perspective on how they would view things.”
Their only issues were work schedules and getting a little too into their discussions.
“Initially, we were so excited and had so many ideas brewing, we found ourselves speaking over one another, racing to get our thoughts out with our guests,” Gonzalez said.
They just started March 28, with Wednesday marking their seventh episode.
“I just love the fact that I’m on a platform with two other people that are just as open-minded as myself when voicing themselves,” Shelton said.
“(The) most surprising thing would be how we all mesh and gel well with each other on multiple subjects,” Mckinley said.
“There is no sugar-coating here, and people appreciate the honesty,” Gonzalez said.
“The local support is positive,” Mckinley said. “We just have to promote and get a better camera situation to put them on YouTube.”

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