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Ex-Ventnor officer’s sexual harassment case now just against Atlantic City

Jury selection began Wednesday in a civil trial against Atlantic City alleging sexual harassment.
Former Ventnor Officer Jamie Pirchio alleges she was sexually harassed while training to be a K-9 officer at the Atlantic County Police Training Center in September 2013.
Ventnor also had been named in the suit, but previously settled for $50,000.
The case was set to begin against Atlantic City and retired Atlantic City Police Officer Joseph Rodriguez, who was a trainer at the time.
But before jury selection began Wednesday, Rodriguez was dropped from the case, attorney Tracy Riley confirmed to BreakingAC.
Rodriguez called Pirchio names and threatened her with violence in actions that were “outrageous and beyond all bounds of human decency,” according to the suit.
Pirchio never graduated the academy.
She was sidelined by a training injury not related to the dog, Rodriguez said at the time.
While out on medical leave, Pirchio was attacked her partner, Niko, at home.
She underwent surgery for her injury.
Atlantic County Police Training Center Director Sidney Terrell was previously named in the suit. But now he is on the witness list for Pirchio.

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