Galloway teammates have special surprise for deaf player


Dariel Rosario got a big surprise from his teammates on his seventh birthday Friday.
The Galloway Township first-grader is the only deaf player on the Renegades taxi football team with players from kindergarten to second grade.
After the game, his coach, Drew Barrett and fellow teammates sang Happy Birthday to him in sign language.
Margarita Vazquez shared the special moment on Instagram and with BreakingAC.

Since there is so much negative, she said she wanted to share something positive.
“The look on his face was priceless,” she said of Dariel, who had no idea it was coming.
The coach pulled Vazquez aside to help teach the kids, along with Dariel’s interpreter.
“He wasn’t expecting them to do it,” Vazquez said. “And the boys are all so awesome they were excited to learn.”