Atlantic City firefighter injured battling blaze

An Atlantic City firefighter was injured when he fell through a hole on the second floor while fighting a fire inside a building near Texas Avenue School.
Flames were blowing out of three windows as firefighters who had just left a nearby call arrived to the 2600 block of Centennial Avenue at about 7 p.m., Chief Scott Evans said.
The fire started on the second floor, but had dropped down to the first before firefighters arrived. Evans believes that the fire was likely burning for a while before anyone was called. The home was vacant.
But the firefighters’ aggressive approach contained the flames to the building, saving three connected structures, Evans said.
It was under control within 45 minutes.
One family was displaced due the electricity being shut off and some smoke damage, he said.
Shaun Moore, who was acting captain for responding Engine 4, fell through a hole in the second floor, but was stopped by his air tank, Evans said.
Fellow firefighters then helped get him out.
Evans, who was with Moore at the hospital, said it appeared to be a knee injury. They were awaiting test results, but he believed the 12-year department veteran would be going home.
The cold weather made the conditions hazardous.
“It was slippery,” Evans said. “The water was freezing.”
He estimated more than $100,000 worth of damage, and said the building was likely a complete loos.
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