Mays Landing man allegedly hid sex-traffic victims after cops were alerted

A Mays Landing man accused of human trafficking allegedly hid two of his victims from police for nearly three weeks after a third woman escaped and alerted police.
El Joshua used the women’s addiction to heroin to force them into prostitution and keep them captive, according to the affidavit of probable cause in the case. He would drive them to Atlantic City casinos and elsewhere, forcing them to have sex for money.
He would then take the cash and give them heroin, the document states.
The women were allegedly forced to sleep in a closet, a vehicle and even the woods. If they wanted to use the bathroom, they had to knock on the wall and ask permission.
Joshua, 36, is due in court Wednesday to decide whether he will remain sleeping in the Atlantic County Justice facility or be released as the case against him goes through the court system.
Hamilton Township police were first alerted Dec. 19, after one of the women escaped and told them she had been held against her will with two others.
There was no answer when police went to Joshua’s Pearce Road home, but there were sounds coming from inside, according to the affidavit.
Police obtained a search warrant, but while they went to prepare, Joshua drove into the garage, forced the women into his car and then hid them at a nearby hotel, the document states.
When police got inside the home, they found a white board that the women had written their first names on to prove they had been there.
Also seized were cell phones, computers, an Airsoft handgun and heroin.
The women were found Jan. 7.
Joshua was a car wash manager at the Circle K in Atlantic City, according videos made at work he posted to his Facebook.
He also shared one meme that state: “Be her PIMP. She already a HOE.”
Joshua is charged with five counts of human trafficking, two counts of criminal restraint and one count of possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.