DCF worker ordered detained on child pornography charges

A Department of Children and Families caseworker charged with child pornography will remain in jail, a judge ruled Tuesday.
Ka’yan Frazier, 26, had more than 1,000 images and videos of children engaged in sexual acts on his cell and email, Assistant Prosecutor David Ruffenach told the judge.
Defense attorney Lauren Musarra countered that anyone could have put those there.
But it was Frazier’s termination as a substitute worker at Atlantic City’s Pennsylvania Avenue School that seemed to be a deciding factor for Judge John Rauh in detaining Frazier.
Referred to only as a “Pennsylvania incident,” Frazier was fired in 2017, after it was found he had an 11-year-old student sleep over his house, Ruffenach said.
While there seemed to be confusion as to whether it happened in Pennsylvania the state, BreakingAC has confirmed that the incident was part of his employment within the Atlantic City School District.
Surveillance done of Frazier before his arrest showed that he had a boy who looked about 12 or 13 living with him in what Assistant Prosecutor David Ruffenach referred to as a foster situation.Frazier’s continued access to children was a concern, he said.
But Musarra said Frazier lives alone and that the boy lives with his mom.