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Atlantic County man killed in Colombia

An Atlantic County man was killed while visiting Colombia last week in what has been reported as a possible hit.
Joshua Oliver, 29, was fatally shot Thursday, as he went outside the hotel where he was staying in western Medellin.
Oliver had been a host at Scores Atlantic City, but was fired about three months ago, a woman from the club said. She would not specify why.
He previously worked at Delilah’s Den.
Now friends are looking for answers and guidance as they try to find out how to bring him home — and what happened to him.
It is believed he was targeted, Medellin Mayor Federico Gutierrez told the local newspaper, El Colombiano.
Information they have is that it was “un sicariato,” or “a hired killer,” he told the newspaper.
The man reportedly approached Oliver without saying a word, and fired several shots before fleeing.
Gutierrez also said they are working with American authorities, although who exactly was unclear.
Oliver was found dead with his belongings by his side, including wallet, documents and cell phone, which rules out robbery, Gutierrez told the paper.
It was the third time Oliver had been there in the past two years, according to Gutierrez.
Photos Oliver posted on Facebook in September show him in Medellin.
He had arrived this last time June 3, authorities said.
Longtime friend Ed Slatton said Oliver helped many people, including helping local kids get in to college and him with his musical career, where he is known as Ed Cota.

But, most of all, he said Oliver was “a damn great friend” who was like a brother to him.
Nadira Morgan said Oliver will always hold a special place in her heart.
The two graduated Atlantic City High School together in 2008, when they would spend hours on the phone together.
“His personality was angelic and his smile captivating,” she recalled. “He had a very charismatic personality and free spirit. He was always an easy person to talk to.”
He recently moved to Ventnor from Galloway Township, friend Desiree Mecwan.
She is now working to find out how to get Oliver’s body home, and help his two beloved dogs.

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