ACFD rescues two after scaffolding collapse leaves man dangling six stories

Two workers were rescued by Atlantic City firefighters Monday morning, after an apparent scaffolding malfunction left one dangling several stories.
The two men were doing masonry work on the exterior of the building Atlantic and Kentucky avenues when they started to descend, but the stop button wouldn’t work, Fire Chief Scott Evans said.
One of the men was dangling by his safety rope as the other held on to the tilted scaffolding.
“You got this. You got this. Hold on,” someone yells as encouragement before the two are rescued. “You’re Superman. You’re Spiderman.”
Rescue One was across the street when a bystander ran over for help, Evans said.
Firefighters set up the aerial ladder, but were able to bring the men from inside the building.
The man dangling outside a sixth-floor window had to untangle himself from the safety ropes that kept him from falling, Evans said.
“He also had the presence of mind to disconnect the power to the scaffolding, which would have just kept descending,” Evans said.
If that had happened, the scaffolding would have gone “totally vertical” and “the other worker would have been in a bad situation.”
Instead, the other man was brought in through a fifth-floor window, and both men were safe.

Video by Quasim Woods

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