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Video gives glimpse of Atlantic City filming that ended with arrests

An Atlantic City producer has released part of a music video whose filming ended with arrests.
Five people were arrested and four others charged after an Atlantic City police officer allegedly saw a man brandish a gun at a woman in the parking lot of the Martinique Motel.
The two then ran into a motel room, where a gun was later found, according to police.Rumiejah Norwood was charged with weapons offenses.
Norwood remains in the Atlantic County Justice Facility.
But this weekend Anthony Archetto — who produces as MaxOut — released a 75-second video featuring Norwood, who performs as MGB Racks.
“Story based on real events,” the video begins, showing an overhead of the Martinique surrounded by police cars.
The video ends with promise of more: “To be continued.”
Archetto was arrested on a warrant and possession of two pills.
The video producer and editor has built a reputation for working with local artists and trying to get them positive attention for their work He did not speak for this story due to the pending case.
“Shooting this video taught me a valuable lesson,” he wrote. “Never get too comfortable out here.
“Even you think (you’re) doing something positive, people are waiting for you to make a mistake.”

WARNING: Language may not be suitable for all viewers

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