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Twice accused Atlantic City killer allegedly had drugs in jail

An Atlantic City man accused in two killings years apart is now charged with bringing drugs into the jail twice.
Lorin Wright, 34, who was in court via video Monday, allegedly had heroin, marijuana, suboxone and pills inside his cell on two separate occasions.
Wright has been in the Atlantic County Justice Facility since May 2017, when he was arrested in the Mother’s Day killing of an Atlantic City rapper.
Then, he was served another murder charge last year, when Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner announced Wright was linked to the July 6, 2010, killing of Saleem Tolbert.
Now, Wright is accused of having drugs inside the Mays Landing jail.
He was first charged in February after the Special Operations Group found drugs hidden inside his commissary bag, according to the affidavit obtained by BreakingAC.
A brown powder believed to be heroin was found in a bag of rice in a glove end, the affidavit states. A brown/green leafy substance was in a glove end in a sock with other clothes.
Under the sole of Wright’s shoe, officers found 15 Suboxone wrappers. Suboxone is used to treat opiate addiction.
Another search April 20, resulted in Wright again being found with a leafy substance in a piece of rubber glove, the second affidavit states.
He also allegedly had 20 yellow pills identified as Percocet.
The incident raises questions about drugs inside the jail. Warden David Kelsey would not comment.
“The warden does not feel it is appropriate to comment on any active investigations and/or security-related issues,” county spokeswoman Linda Gilmore said.
Wright had his first appearance on the new charges Monday, when Superior Court Judge Bernard DeLury also discussed scheduling for the 2017 homicide to go to trial.
“We’re ready to try this case,” defense attorney Wayne Powell told BreakingAC. “We’ve been ready for over a year.”
He is representing Wright only on the 2017 murder case, and said the new charges — which are being handled by a public defender — were a surprise to him.
Wright’s first murder trial is set to start Sept. 21.

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