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Micah ‘Dew’ Tennant Park honors memory of slain Atlantic City 10-year-old

Atlantic City now has a permanent memorial to a young life lost in the crossfire of violence.
Micah Tennant, known lovingly as Dew, died days after being shot at a Pleasantville High School football game in November.
Children played in the newly named Micah “Dew” Tennant Park in his Back Maryland neighborhood on what would have been Dew’s 11th birthday.
The dedication fulfilled a promise Mayor Marty Small made at the young boy’s funeral in November, that the park would be named in his honor.
“To the community, when you come to this park, I want you to remember this park is a part of you and this park is being named in honor of Dew,” said Councilwoman LaToya Dunston, who coached him as part of her XClusive Drill Team. “We must care of it and cherish it as if Dew was here with us.”
She said she often would be accused of playing favorites when it came to Dew. She didn’t deny his special place in her heart Wednesday.
“Micah’s smile, the love, the energy that he gave was truly amazing,” Dunston said.
Dew’s dream was to be a D.J. That plan for the future was obvious in videos frequently shared by his mother, Angela Tennant.
Fittingly, the ceremony dedicating his park included music, singing and verse.

Sadly, the day began with the loss of the family’s matriarch, Carolyn Tennat, Dew’s grandmother, Small announced.
He said the park will continue to grow, with plans for the city’s first splash park, where kids will get to play in sprinklers. There will also be murals, all planned to debut Memorial Day, the mayor said.
Firefighters and police christened the barbecues by cooking for those gathered Wednesday.
The park’s owners also gave away 200 book bags to children, gifts honoring Micah.
A second memorial to Dew will be outside Tennant’s Day Care Center at 19 N. Virginia Ave.
A date for that will be announced.

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