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Trump caravan met with angry residents in Pleasantville

A Trump caravan down Pleasantville’s Main Street led to stolen flags, damaged vehicles and one arrest so far.
Patrol units responded to the Center City area at about 10:45 Saturday morning for the report of a disturbance, Police Chief Sean Riggin said.
The several dozen vehicles heading south down the street drew a crown of pedestrians in the first block of South Main Street, according to the report.
Video captured by a resident shows pedestrians engaging with those inside the vehicles.
“Hey racist white b****,” one man says, standing in the middle of the street videoing the driver of one car.
She can’t be heard on the video, but the man responds for her to “shut the (expletive) up.”
Just then, another man on the sidewalk snatches a large Trump flag from the passenger window of a car, cracking the window.
“Keep going,” someone yells to the driver.

Some of the poles of the stolen flags are then used to strike passing vehicles.
There were allegations that members of the caravan were cursing those as they passed, including yelling the N-word.
“We have not been able to corroborate this allegation with video or first-hand witnesses and ask anyone with information or video regarding those statements to contact the Pleasantville Police Department,” Riggin said.
Officers called to the scene stood by for about 10 minutes to ensure no further disturbances. The chief said no victims from either side approached officers at the scene.
Several members of the caravan have since reached out to police to file complaints, Riggin said.
One juvenile has been charged so far. Additional complaints are pending follow up with the alleged victims.
Anyone with information about allegations on either side are asked to call police at 609-641-6100. Information may also be given anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 609-652-1234 or Information may also be sent via the department’s website at

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