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Atlantic City students return to virtual learning this week

Atlantic City students will go back to virtual learning this week, as a deep-cleaning of all the schools is conducted.
Superintendent Barry Caldwell said the decision was “out of an abundance of caution.”
Hundreds of teachers and staff called out last week in protest of the return to in-person schooling.
They said many of the buildings were not safe, citing issues including the ventilation system.
But at Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting, Director of Operations Atiba Rose gave a presentation assuring the public that the proper precautions were taken.
When board member Al Herbert suggested the board vote to halt in-person teaching until certain necessities were delivered, Caldwell said instead that, with the holidays coming up, that the students could go to school and then the decision could be readdressed after the holidays.
This weekend, however, he seemed to change his mind.
Now, students will remain fully virtual for the shortened week leading up to Thanksgiving break, with a plan to return to the hybrid format — part virtual, part in-person — on Monday,. Nov. 30.
“This decision did not come easily nor without countless considerations,” Caldwell said in a letter to parents, students and staff. “The Thanksgiving Holiday Break will allow the district to initiate a deep and thorough cleaning of all schools. We believe this will ensure a safe and healthy return to Hybrid (in-person) instruction after the break.”
The news comes as New York Avenue School confirmed a case of COVID-19.

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