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Galloway man again ordered held in Atlantic City luring case

A Galloway Township man accused of trying to lure an Atlantic City girl into his car was once again denied release from jail.
Gaetano Reale, who turned 60 in the Atlantic County Justice Facility, is charged with second-degree luring in the Sept. 17 incident.
The 12-year-old girl and her mother were walking the dog toward the corner store when the mom saw a car approach her daughter and stop, according to the police report.
The driver told the girl she was cute and asked if she wanted a ride. Her mother, who was behind the girl, yelled at the drier, who drove away.
Superior Court Judge Nancy Ridgway originally looked to approve Reale’s release on electronic monitoring. But, after Administrative Judge Julio Mendez wouldn’t approve an ankle bracelet, Ridgway said she had rethought her decision and ordered Reale held.
On Friday, Mendez gave some insight into his previous ruling concerning the electronic monitoring when the case came before him on appeal.
Mendez said he is always conscious of the need for victim safety, and takes seriously the electronic monitoring directive’s warning that it can give a false sense of security.
The judge also noted that, since Reale didn’t know the girl, the case is one of protecting the safety of the community, which he said would not be possible through such monitoring.
Reale also asked for too many exceptions, saying that he took care of family members who live in Egg Harbor Township and also would need to transport his mother to her Somers Point doctor.
That, the judge said, would go against the purpose of home detention.
Reale will remain jailed pending the outcome of his case.

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