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New demolition date and fundraiser for Trump Plaza

Trump Plaza has a new demolition date — and a new fundraiser.
Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small originally tried to auction off a chance for someone to push the button to implode the long-shuttered casino.
He hoped to raise $1 million for the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City.
But owner Carl Icahn put an end to that, citing safety concerns. Instead, the multi-billionaire business man said he would donate the current top bid — $175,000 — to the club himself.
The building is now set to meet its end a 9 a.m. Feb. 17.
Those who want a good view of the implosion can now bid on 10 spots to have an overnight stay in the city and watch the implosion from inside, Small said in announcing a new fundraiser for the Boys and Girl Club.
The Hard Rock and Ocean Resort have donated five rooms each for the 10 highest-bidders, who will get dinner and an overnight stay.
Then they will be able to watch the implosion from inside One Atlantic Events, which is adjacent to the Trump Plaza location.
All money will go to the Boys and Girls Club.
The mayor noted the importance of the club in help underprivileged youth in the city.
“I was one of those kids,” he said. “If not for the Boys and Girls Club, I wouldn’t be standing here today.”
Raised by eight women with no men in the home in one of the city’s worst neighborhoods, he said, “I’m a walking, talking testimony to what is possible for kids that come to the Boys and Girls Club.
He also downplayed the Trump name that remains on the building, even though former President Donald Trump has not had an ownership in years.
“People try to make it about President Trump,” he said. “Like I said, take that name off the building. It could have been Resorts, the first casino in Atlantic City, people would be interested in that. It was an imminent health and public safety matter.”
The mayor said he also would work to make the city have a voice in what comes next for the property.
Noting it was still Icahn’s land and he can put what he wants there, “Hopefully we’re part of the conversation on what we would like to see.”

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