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Absecon bank teller helped nab alleged identity theft suspect

An Absecon bank teller helped lead police to a man who had the means to steal several people’s identities, according to information released in court Monday.
William Newhart, 42, was already on probation for credit card fraud when he was arrested last week after he picked up an ATM card curbside from the TD Bank in Absecon.
The driver’s license Newhart provided had his photo, but the first name of “Kelly” piqued the teller’s curiosity. The real Kelly was a woman who was called and said she had not authorized a new card.
The teller then called police and described the vehicle the suspect was driving.
When Newhart was stopped, police found financial documents and logbooks with information for more than four people, Assistant Prosecutor Genna Garofalo told the judge.
Newhart also had three Pennsylvania driver’s licenses with his photo but other people’s names, a checkbook in someone else’s name and a machine to make identification, Garofalo said.
The public safety assessment, used to help determine whether a defendant is held under bail reform, recommended Newhart be released with monthly reporting.
But Judge Patricia Wild disagreed, noting Newhart already was on probation for a similar crime and that still didn’t deter him.
“This this gentleman has a specialty, you might say,” the judge said.
Violent crimes aren’t the only ones that require the public be protected, Wild added.
“It’s an assault of a different type,” she said. “It is an assault on a person’s privacy. It can have financial consequences, which are serious.”
Newhart also faces drug charges after police allegedly found mushrooms, methamphetamine, GHB, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Alleged accomplice, Jesse Rawding, was also charged.

Detectives are working to notify potential identity theft victims in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Anyone with additional information is asked to call Absecon police at 609-641-0667.

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