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Code violations close ‘nuisance’ Atlantic City hotel

An Atlantic City hotel that was the scene of two drug raids this year is now closed after various code violations, a city official told BreakingAC.
An inspection last week found many of the rooms at the Madison Hotel did not have heat, Licensing and Inspections Director Dale Finch said.
“We told them they had to have heat by the end of last week, and we would be back this week with a team,” Finch said.
But when code enforcement officials and fire safety inspectors arrived at the 125-room hotel, they found even more violations.
“There have been a lot of problems with criminal activity,” Finch said. “Drug activity and just generally unhealthy conditions. A lot of complaints.
Last week’s inspection came just days after multiple law enforcement agencies raided six of the rooms. Ten people were arrested in the two-month investigation that also included an apartment at the Lighthouse Plaza.
Police recovered three guns, more than 1,000 bags of heroin, three pounds of Ecstasy, seven pounds of methamphetamine and 1½ ounces of cocaine.
At that time, Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner called the hotel “a significant nuisance located in the heart of Atlantic City’s Tourism District.
In January, four people were arrested in two of the rooms with five guns and 34 grams of heroin, 17 grams of cocaine and 310 grams of marijuana.
Finch said the hotel will remain closed until the problems are fixed and a reinspection is done.
He said the full report of violations was still being worked on.
Several people staying at the hotel were placed there by social services.
Finch said those services were notified ahead of time, and those residents relocated.
He did not have an exact number of tenants.

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