Two Atlantic County towns get sneak peek at new voting machines

Buena Borough and Buena Vista will get a sneak peek at the future of voting in New Jersey during next week’s school and fire district elections.
Ballots for the two towns will be displayed on new electronic voting machines featuring a paper-verified audit trail. Voters will also check-in using an electronic poll book rather than the normal paper book.
“We’re excited to showcase this new technology in the western portion of Atlantic County,” said Maureen Bugdon, Atlantic County superintendent of elections and commissioner of registration. “It is the first time a New Jersey county will offer both technologies in a live election, so it’s certainly an important milestone.”
The “pilot” elections are paid through a grant from the New Jersey Division of Elections, and will preview technology similar to what all county voters can expect with the implementation of the Early Voting requirements for the general election in November.
The equipment being used includes a suite of products by Electronic Systems & Software of Nebraska.
Atlantic County is one of just three counties in the state to host a pilot election on April 20 and the only county whose ballots also include fire district elections.
“We are honored to serve and partner in this pilot opportunity,” said Mac Beeson, ES&S Regional vice president of sales.
“I commend everyone involved in this trial run of the early voting equipment,” Atlantic County Board of Elections Chairperson Lynn Caterson said. “This is the wave of the future, and this pilot will go a long way in preparing us for a countywide introduction of this equipment later in the year.” 
A consolidated polling site for both the Buena Vista Township and Buena Borough elections will be in place at the Buena Regional High School Library located at 125 Weymouth Road in Buena.
“I have confidence in Atlantic County’s election departments, including the superintendent, county clerk and the Board of Elections in doing whatever is required to fully execute a fair, honest and open election,” BOE Secretary John Mooney said.
Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday.