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Vice principal being investigated after Smithville beer-throwing incident

A Monmouth County educator is under investigation after video showing him throwing beer at a group in Smithville captured attention.
“Here you go, Pal,” Neptune Township Vice Principal Michael Smurro says as he tosses the contents of his cup in the video that started with his wife complaining about an apparent transgender woman in the women’s restroom.
“Although we cannot comment on the details of confidential personnel matters, we can say the Board of Education and Administration are taking this matter seriously,” Superintendent Tami Crader and Neptune Board of Education President Chanta Jackson wrote in a statement on the district’s website.
Three videos posted on Facebook captured the events Saturday at Fred & Ethel’s Lantern Light Restaurant and Tavern, where Lisa and Michael Smurro were eating after attending the Renaissance Faire.
Lisa Smurro is seen yelling about a person she says was a man going to the bathroom in the women’s restroom.
She tells the woman at the next table that there are only two genders, and the person she saw was a man and did not belong in the bathroom where she was.
When the Smurros were leaving, Lisa Smurro confronted the person taping her. That’s when her husband, who had already walked away, came back and tossed the beer.
BreakingAC spoke to Lisa Smurro on Sunday, when she apologized for her husband’s actions, but said he did it because he was upset that his wife was being recorded.
Lisa Smurro stood by her comments about the bathroom and even said the manager of the restaurant took responsibility since there is a bathroom “for people like that.”
The restaurants owner said that was incorrect, and that there is a separate bathroom from the men’s and women’s rooms, but that it is more for parents with children or those who want extra privacy.
It is not yet clear what action if any the Neptune Township School District would be taking.
Their full statement follows:

“As most of you know, a video of a Neptune Township School District staff member engaging in an unfortunate and inappropriate interaction at a restaurant over the weekend has essentially ‘gone viral’ and has been brought to our attention. This event is troubling as its perception potentially threatens the social-emotional well-being and climate of belonging that our Neptune School District community represents. Although we cannot comment on the details of confidential personnel matters, we can say the Board of Education and Administration are taking this matter seriously. In our district, we celebrate our diversity and the uniqueness of all of our school community members. The actions shown in the video do not reflect our district’s commitment to inclusivity, cooperation, respect, and non-violence. The Board of Education and Superintendent will respond to this incident in a manner that is appropriate and relative to the seriousness of the situation and that takes into consideration the impact this incident has had on the reputation of our wonderful district.
— Dr. Tami R. Crader, superintendent
and Ms. Chanta L. Jackson, Board of Education president

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