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Video shows Atlantic City mayor confronting political opponents

A video shows Atlantic City’s mayor having a confrontation with political opponents as he campaigned in the city Sunday.
Mayor Marty Small announced a press conference Monday afternoon would address the incident, which he was the “harassment and intimidation of Atlantic City residents exercising their right to free speech and their right to participate in teh political process and support the candidate of their choice.”
But two of the men Small verbally sparred with in the video say he was the aggressor, and plan to file charges.
“He threatened my life three times,” political leader Craig Callaway told BreakingAC.
Callaway claims Small told him, “I’m going to send somebody to see you who’s about that life
“Child molester protector,” Callaway is heard yelling at the mayor repeatedly, a reference to admitted child pornographer Ka’yan Frazier, who is the cousin of Small’s wife.
Frazier lived with the Smalls at one point years ago.
The video shows an argument already in progress. At one point, Small bats the cell phone out of a man recording him.
That man is Deon Garland, who told BreakingAC that he will be pressing charges.
“He said, ‘Look at this crackhead recording me,'” Garland said of Small.
Small called the incident intimidation by Trump supporters backing his opponent Tom Foley. He also apologized for his part.
“I want to apologize to my team, my supporters and the people of Atlantic City for my role in the physical altercation that took place Sunday night,” he said. “As mayor of Atlantic City, I want to apologize for any embarrassment this incident may have caused our great city.
“I was trying to protect my team when I was physically assaulted, at which time my team and I retreated to prevent the incident from escalating,” he continued. “However, the physical confrontation perhaps could have been avoided had I led my team to walk away immediately rather than stand our ground. I want to thank my team for their professionalism in this very heated situation In the future, while I will always defend and protect the rights of the people of Atlantic City, the safety of my team and avoiding confrontation will always come first.” 
Small said he is not pressing charges.
When asked where the officer who is on his detail was during the confrontation, Small told BreakingAC that he was down the block but comes in at the end and intervenes.

Small responds with press conference

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