Four arrested as child predator hunters return to Atlantic City


Four men were arrested for luring children after several groups that hunt child predators online and expose them on YouTube returned to Atlantic City.
The group including Colorado Ped Patrol, LC Predator Catcher, Creeps Spotlight and Daps Diary would pose as underage children, and then meet up with those who reached out for sex.
They would call police, who came and took the suspects and the chat logs, and charged them.
Many of the arrests were on the groups’ various YouTube channels.
Arrested were Jose Machuca, 51, of Hyattsville, Md.; Sambatrimiaina Raminoson, 26, of Atlantic City; Eugene Pulley, 49, of Philadelphia, and Clifford Horn, 54, of Chalfont, Penn.
The men were charged with luring/enticing a child by various means and released on summonses.
Videos show 51-year-old Jose, who allegedly was expecting to meet up with a 14-year-old on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, but instead found cell phones filming him as he was questioned about what he wanted to do with the child.
There’s also 26-year-old Frankie, who had a bag with White Claw, condoms and poppers that he was allegedly bringing to a 15-year-old boy’s home.
“You Ubered to a kids home to have sex, bro,” Colorado’s Tommy Fellows tells him.
One man, who is visibly drunk, ends up going for the camera after his girlfriend — who was up in their casino hotel room — drags him back inside after being told he was supposedly meeting a 13- and 14-year-old.
One of the latest is a transgender woman who ends up in the back of an Atlantic City police car after officers are told about the teen she was trying to meet up with.
The group’s last visit to Atlantic City led to at least four arrests. One of those men, Robert Catalano, remains jailed pending the outcome of his case. The others were released after detention hearings, while their charges are still pending.

(Note: This story originally ran July 24. It has been updated to include the arrests.)

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