Police shoot dog who injured woman in EHT

An Egg Harbor Township police officer shot a dog Saturday night, after it got loose in a development and a woman was injured.
The officer was tending to the victim in LaCosta Lakes when the dog started to quickly approach in an aggressive manner, police said.
As the officer retreated, the dog jumped toward him and the officer shot the dog, according to the report.
But the dog’s owner offered a different perspective.
She said a family member accidentally let the Akita loose, and that she and her friend chased after him.
When the friend — who the dog does not know — tried to grab him, “instinctively, he lashed out on her,” the woman said.
The family member fell during the chase. When the officer tried to help her up, “my dog perceived this as a threat to harm our family, so therefore, ran towards the officer.”
That is when the officer fired two shots.
The women’s injuries were some bruising and a concussion, the owner said.
The dog is in the hospital with gunshot wounds to the face and chest. They are expecting to see a surgeon Monday.