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Atlantic City 2-year-old goes viral ‘rescuing’ dad

An Atlantic City toddler is showing TikTok that no one messes with her daddy.
Altarik Gatti Wright was at the Target in Mays Landing last month when he noticed 2-year-old Skye didn’t seem fazed by the Halloween costumes and decorations around the store.
So, he cooked up a plan to see what she would do if one of those monsters attacked.
Wright handed Skye’s mom his phone and told her to record.
Kursten Watson was hesitant at first, but joined in on the scheme.
What Watson captured was posted to TikTok this week, and the video is going viral.
“I acted like the costume was getting me,” Wright said. “I honestly thought she would run or something.”
Instead, Skye pulled at her father’s leg, screamed and stomped her feet, grabbed his hands and wagged a finger at his “attacker,” telling it, “No… no!”
It ends with Wright free, and picking up his daughter telling her, “You saved me.”
“She’s my little hero,” he gold BreakingAC. “She loves me so much.”
The video was nearing a half-million views Saturday, with many lauding the little girl’s bravery in “saving” her dad.
“Shawty the realest one on your team,” one commenter wrote.
“Awww lil momma ain’t know what to do lol all she know is she wasn’t leaving her daddy’s side,” said another.
“She gets WHATEVER she wants from no on,” wrote another.
Wright said he showed the video to his older son and daughter, who both said they would have saved him too.
Now, it’s been shared and viewed so much, he’s getting calls and emails from media companies and TV shows.
He also has gotten a lot of people saying Skye reminds them of “Boo,” the little girl in the Pixar movie “Monster’s Inc.”
The Atlantic City artist who records as Gatti800, said he didn’t even have a TikTok following until the video. But Skye’s actions have brought him a lot of attention.
“My baby is helping me that way also,” he said. “She’s getting famous.”



SHE REALLY TRIED TO SAVE ME😭👻🎃 #halloween #target #girldad #viral

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