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Man charged with gun in Atlantic City is released with conditions

A Mays Landing man charged with carrying a loaded gun in Atlantic City was released from jail Friday with conditions.
Donald Segar Jr., 29, was arrested Sept. 30, after the Atlantic City Task Force received information that he had a handgun in the city’s West Site, according to the affidavit of probable cause.
He is charged with several weapons offenses including second-degree possession and possession by a convicted felon.
No release was recommended by the public safety assessment, or PSA, which is used to determine whether a defendant should be detained under bail reform, which mostly did away with cash bail.
“I believe I can impose conditions that would insure safety of the community,” Superior Court Judge Nancy Ridgway said in releasing Segar.
She pointed to the lengthy wait that many defendants have with the courts backed up.
“We are detaining only the most serious defendants at this time due to the pace the court is able to process these cases,” Ridgway said.
Segar also has medical conditions that include a missing spleen and gall bladder, which could make detaining him “problematic,” she said.
Segar’s last arrest was in 2013, and he was not under any supervision at the time of his arrest, Ridgway noted.
In the previous case, Segar was sentenced to eight years in prison in the assault of his girlfriend, during which he choked his girlfriend, threatening to kill her, and then fired three bullets into the ceiling when her mother and the mother’s boyfriend tried to intervene, previously reported.
Ridgway did not mention the specifics of that case during the detention hearing.
She did talk about the details of the current case, noting that Segar allegedly had the gun in his waistband.
“He didn’t take it out,” the judge said. “He didn’t show it to anyone.”
The important part is that the gun is off the street, she added.
“I’m concerned that Mr. Segar would carry a gun, but — like I said — the gun was recovered,” Ridgway said. “Mr. Segar understands what he faces if he’s found with another weapon.”
Defense attorney John Zarych told the judge he would be arguing to suppress the evidence.
She indicated the likelihood of the suppression also weighed on her decision.

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