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Atlantic City native offers positivity for children

Frank Turner understands the importance of believing in yourself.

The Atlantic City native grew up missing self-assurance.

When he became a father, he decided he would make sure to build up his own son.

“I wanted to give him the confidence that I lacked as a kid,” he said.

Then he decided that this was needed for other children.

Turner recently started Lovely Affirmations, a deck of 26 cards that refashion the alphabet into words of positivity for children.

“I understood the importance of it and why people need them and, more importantly, why children need them,” he told BreakingAC. “Kids deal with bullies, single parent homes, verbal abuse and things like that. My project can help them tremendously.”

Turner, who has been a professional basketball player in Europe for more than a decade, decided to share his new vocation in a Facebook post on the page Black Owned Businesses in New Jersey. Within three days, it had more than 800 shares.

Turner, who has led an annual bookbag giveaway in his hometown, said getting the information to Atlantic City residents was especially important.

“Kids everywhere can use these but I want people from my own city to understand the importance of them because I want the youth of my city to be better, smarter and more confident than the current adults of Atlantic City,” he said.

Each card is meant to be read three times, with the adult helping the child understand what’s being read. Then, they need to believe it, his website explains.

“Believing the affirmation is just as important, if not more important, than just reading,” the site explains. “Build the confidence within our children.”

To order or learn more, go to Lovely Affirmations.

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