Atlantic City woman convicted of theft during riot


An Atlantic City woman was convicted Wednesday of theft in connection with a 2020 riot in Atlantic City.

Darlene Garrison, 52, was found guilty of receiving stolen property.

She was one of 95 people who were eventually charged in connection with the chaos that followed a mostly peaceful May 31, 2020, protest of the death of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis.

Nearly all of the cases were resolved in plea deals.

Police responding to a large group breaking into the Rent-A-Center found Garrison behind in her car behind the store with a large safe and television inside.

She was one of 17 people arrested that day.

The jury convicted her of the theft, but was unable to reach a verdict on the lesser charge of rioting.

Garrison faces three to five years in prison when she is sentenced April 21.

She was not jailed.