Parenting helpline adds texting option

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A nonprofit focused on offering support to parents to help children has added a texting option to it family helpline.

Parents Inc.‘s mission is “to protect children by strengthening families through mutual support, parent leadership and advocacy.”

The whose mission is ” has announced a new texting option for its Family Helpline service [1-800-843-5437] – making it easier than ever for New Jersey residents to access free and confidential 24/7 live support during their time of need.

The Family Helpline provides support to callers before a family crisis happens, serving as both intervention and prevention measures.

“It’s a safe, non-judgmental way for anyone to chat about family issues, from comments, questions to concerns,” the group explains. “Through the statewide service, parents, teens, children and professionals can get information and referrals to community agencies in their area.”

Those who want to use the service can now either call or text 7800-843-5437.

“We’re excited to offer the texting option as we know that many people prefer sending a text message over making a phone call – it’s in their comfort zone,” said Executive Director Kathleen Roe.  “Especially during stressful times, we need to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for someone to connect with us and get instant feedback and direction during their time of need.”

Parents Inc.’s volunteers are available to those who need to text/talk 24-hours a day. Helpline volunteers receive experiential training and continuing education provided by the staff of Parents Inc.