EHC woman gives residents ‘heads up’ after black bear comes to visit

ehc bear

A bear made a brief visit to an Egg Harbor City street early Thursday morning.

“We checked the Ring notifications in the morning, and that is when we discovered we had a visitor,” Lori Giegold told BreakingAC.

The bear set off the camera around 3:40 a.m. as it walked into view and sniffed at the closed trash cans before continuing on New York Avenue.

Giegold said she was used to such sightings in her yard when she lived in Vernon Township, Sussex County about a decade ago. But this is a first since coming to Atlantic County.

She lived in Galloway Township before moving to Egg Harbor City about five years ago.

“I thought it was cool,” she said.

Her boyfriend, John Straubmuller, has always lived in South Jersey, so it was shock to him, she said.

Giegold posted on the Egg Harbor City group Facebook to give her fellow residents a heads up.

She also had some advice if they get a similar visit in person.

“Walk away calmly facing them,” she said. “Do not run!”

Giegold said she did have a large bear that she estimated was about 600 pounds sneak up on her when she was gardening while living in Vernon.

It scared her, she admitted, “but he just sniffed and went back on his journey.”