Galloway woman faces 110 counts in abuse of dozens of animals


A Galloway Township woman is accused of holding more than 54 animals in inhumane and unsanitary conditions.

Diane Haytas, 56, faces 100 counts of animal cruelty following a monthlong investigation into her Moss Mill Road residence.

Inside the home, police found animals living without access to clean water, with an untold number of dead birds lying on the floor, according to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

A detached garage had several animals in cages, the report states.

Detectives seized 15 dogs, 12 rabbits, 15 birds, five guinea pigs, two ferrets and five cats on Wednesday.

They were taken to a veterinarian for evalution.

The Humane Society of Atlantic County put out an emergency call to the public Thursday for cages to house the 13 birds the group said it received. By the evening, the society posted an update saying all of the birds were now in large, clean cages.

It wasn’t clear if the number discrepancy was because two of the birds didn’t make it.

This is not the first time Haytas has been charged with animal abuse.

In 2018, she faced 35 counts in a case out of Stafford Township, Ocean County, court records show.

It indicates that the case was disposed in 2020, but there is no record of any criminal prosecution.

BreakingAC is trying to confirm if she was given pretrial intervention in that case.

This was a joint investigation conducted by the Humane Law Enforcement Unit of the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office and the Galloway Township Police Department.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office thanked the Atlantic County Health Department and Galloway Township Animal Control for their assistance in executing the search warrant.

The Prosecutor’s Office reminded the public that any pets that can no longer be properly cared for, or are no longer wanted, can be surrendered to the Atlantic County Animal Shelter in Pleasantville or the Humane Society in Atlantic City.