Atlantic City man had gun and drugs in store, police say


An Atlantic City man was arrested after police received a tip about an armed man in a convenience store Friday.

Mykal Salaam-Derry, 21, was found inside the store in the 600 block of New York Avenue with a loaded handgun in his waistband, Lt. Kevin Fair said.

Detective Eric Evans, acting on a tip he received, went to the store with Detectives James Barrett and Troy Grams to investigate, and found Salaam-Derry.

They also seized 28 individual bags of heroin, a gram of cocaine and 23 grams of marijuana, according to the report.

Salaam-Derry first tried to give detectives a false name, but his true identity was ultimately determined, Fair said.

He is charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of hollow-point ammunition, possession of a large-capacity magazine, possession of weapon while committing a drug offense, obstruction of justice, two counts of possession of a controlled dangerous substance, and three counts each of possession with intent to distribute, possession with intent within a school zone and possession with intent within 500 feet of a public zone.

Salaam-Derry was remanded to the Atlantic County Justice Facility.