Man allegedly set fire at Atlantic City church under construction

felix hutchinson

A man is jailed for aggravated arson for a fire at an Atlantic City church.

Felix Hutchinson, 43, is accused of starting a fire under a porch that damaged the structural beams of the church at 214 N. Pennsylvania Ave. on Thursday.

The church was under renovation, Fire Chief Scott Evans said.

Hutchinson briefly appeared in court Friday, when he was told the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office moved to have him detained. A hearing is set for Wednesday.

When asked if he understood the charges against him, Hutchinson replied: “The first one with the arson, I didn’t …”

But the judge cut him off, warning him that the proceeding was taped and anything could be used against him.

“I don’t want you to say anything that may incriminate you,” Judge Thomas Keywood warned him.

Hutchinson is also charged with criminal trespass. He also has three outstanding warrants dating to the summer, which includes two other criminal trespass allegations, court records show.