Pleasantville man gets life for murder of A.C. teen

Lewis Johnson

A Pleasantville man convicted of killing an Atlantic City teen was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday.

Lewis Johnson, now 35, shot Cu’raan Williams, 17, on June 8, 2020, as the victim and his foster brother were on the second-floor balcony of their Blaine Avenue home.

Johnson was there to help his then-girlfriend, Shaquana Lewis, confront the family of her daughter’s boyfriend, Williams’ foster brother.

But instead, he ran up the steps of the home armed with a handgun, and found the two teens on the porch.

Johnson pistol-whipped Williams, and ultimately shot him in the back and foot, jurors were told at trial. He then fled back down the steps, shooting back up at the boys from the ground level.

He and Lewis fled Atlantic City by car, stopping at a liquor store in Pleasantville before driving back to the apartment he was staying at in Easton, Pa.

Williams was pronounced dead later that day.

Shaquana Lewis is currently serving an eight-year sentence at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility.

The pair were arrested the next morning by members of the Atlantic County
Prosecutor’s Office Major Crimes Unit. The handgun that was used

Lewis, now 38, previously pleaded guilty in exchange for an eight-year sentence that included six weeks of freedom before she was sentenced to prison. She is currently in the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility with a parole date of May 6, 2027.

She also testified against Johnson at his trial.

A life sentence is equivalent to 75 years. He would have to serve at least 85 percent — or 63 years and 10 months. With time served, he would not be eligible for parole until he is about 95 years old.

Judge Todd Miller noted Johnson’s lengthy criminal history in granting the state’s motion for an extended term.

Lewis’ prior convictions included several gun-related offenses.

He remains in the Atlantic County Justice Facility pending his transfer to state prison.