Vineland’s Pacheco gets second Super Bowl win in second year

pacheco super bowl

Vineland’s Isiah Pacheco had a tough start to his second Super Bowl on Sunday.

The Kansas City Chief’s go-to running back had a rare fumble in the red zone against the San Francisco 49ers in the first quarter.

But the Chiefs pulled out a win what was just the second overtime game in the football championship’s history.

Pacheco had 18 carries for 59 yards and six receptions for 33 yards in the hard-fought contest.

It was a different experience for the second-year player who was the team’s leading rusher in his Super Bowl debut last year, including a one-yard touchdown that cut the Eagles 10-point halftime lead to three.

He was a big part of the defending champs’ playoff run this year, including a touchdown in the fourth quarter brought the fifth — and ultimately final — lead change of the tight contest with the No. 2 Buffalo Bills.

Pacheco has become a fan favorite this year, with his “angry” running style garnering a plethora of memes.

Him dancing even became the cover for “Swag Surfin'” on Spotify.

Even Kansas City’s most famous new fan — Taylor Swift — could be seen flashing 10 when Pacheco would score.

His team has now won back-to-back Super Bowls, the first since the Tom Brady-led New England Patriots did it in 2003-2004.

“Last year, I wasn’t satisfied,” Pacheco was quoted after his second championship. This year I’m satisfied, but I know there’s three more on the way.”