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Police arrest truck driver in Hamilton hit-run

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A truck that struck a Egg Harbor Township couple's car in Hamilton Township and fled has been arrested, police said.
Lori and Ryan McHale were traveling north on Tilton Road on Saturday, when the were struck by the truck, which got behind them at the Wrangleboro Road intersection.
The truck then fled, with Ryan McHale following as Lori McHale talked to 911 and captured some of the chase on video.
McHale lost the truck as he hit red lights near the Hamilton Mall.
The truck was last seen driving down Volunteer Way.
The vehicle was located Wednesday, and the driver identified, police said.
Elroy Harrington, 53, was charged with eluding by flight, obstruction and numerous motor vehicle offenses.
He was released on a summons, under bail reform.
Police thanked the public for their help, saying they received numerous tips and information that lead to the driver's identity.
"Ryan and I would like to thank everyone who helped us during this ordeal," Lori McHale said. "Everyone who shared the posts, shared tips with the police and we would especially like to thank Hamilton Township police, especially Officer Jacobi and the dispatcher that stayed on the phone with me during the initial ordeal.
"We are hopeful that (Harrington) will not be allowed to drive for a long time to come," she added. "If and when he does get to drive again, we pray he takes that right seriously and be more careful in the future."

Monday, April 15, 2024
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