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EHT man just released from prison identified as homicide victim

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An Egg Harbor Township man recently released from prison in a homicide case is now the victim of a killing.

Charles Wynn, 31, died of multiple gunshot wounds in a shooting at a warehouse on Delilah Road early Friday morning.

Wynn was just released from prison in May, after serving an eight-year sentence in the 2015 killing of man inside an Atlantic City motel.

His address was most recently listed as Pleasantville, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Wynn was one of three men convicted in the killing of 23-year-old DeVonte Molley, who was shot after Wynn’s two co-defendants set him up for a robbery.

Wynn was found the least culpable by the jurors, who acquitted him of felony murder and instead found him guilty of reckless manslaughter.

“I believe that Wynn was given a second chance at life because God saw something in him,” the victim’s mother told BreakingAC at the time.

During his sentencing, she told him he should see it as a blessing.

“In a weird way, he is the only chance for anything positive to come from this and I hope he would take advantage of it,” Khira Molley said. “We need more positive in this world and I hope he would become a part of it.”

Wynn’s two co-defendants, including shooter Sterling Spence, remain in prison on 50-year sentences. They are eligible for parole in 2058.

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There have been no arrests in Wynn’s killing. The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office did not respond to whether it may be related to the 2015 killing.




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