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Atlantic City street closed as workers avoid potential wall collapse

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Atlantic City workers were on Iowa Avenue to stave off a potential wall collapse Tuesday evening.

Ladder 2 Fire Capt. J.D. Morgan was heading back from a fire when he saw a wall separating from the picture window at the Lenox at 3 S. Iowa Ave., Fire Chief Scott Evans said.

"He stopped and did a further assessment," Evans said.

Morgan then called in code enforcement and started a response.

"We spoke to the storeowner (of the Lenox Cafe), who said he noticed it several weeks ago and made complaints to the manager but nothing was done yet," Evan said.

The separation is about four to six inches at the connection on the first floor toward the Atlantic Avenue corner at Iowa.

That's when they confirmed something had to be done immediately, Evans said.

"As a precaution, we are shoring up the interior beam," he said.

The street is closed as work is being done, including the sidewalk around the Lenox.

The building has not been evacuated and it doesn't appear the balconies above the stairs don't appear to be affected, Evans said.

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The whole building is going to be surveyed by the engineer.




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