Additional video released of James Kauffman standoff, arrest

James Kauffman apologizes for a messy desk and “gun room” in new video from his June 13 arrested released by Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner on Tuesday.
The endocrinologist was arrested that day after he pulled a gun and threatened to kill himself when investigators came with a search warrant for his Egg Harbor Township office.
He has been jailed since on weapons charges. Now, he is also charged with planning the 2012 killing of his wife, April Kauffman, and running a Oxycontin ring with the Pagans Motorcycle Club.
The additional video’s release “is keeping in line with my office’s commitment to transparency and communication with the public,” Tyner said. “The release of this body worn camera footage was completed to share this specific content with the public and the media on ACPO’s platforms, including: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the ACPO website.”
The nearly one hour of footage shows the complete standoff, but doesn’t end with Kauffman’s arrest about 38 minutes in.
Instead, the footage officially released on the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office YouTube channel also includes detectives talking to the doctor, who appears calm as he gives the combination to his home alarm and walks them through how to get into a room with a safe in the basement.
“But they’ve searched it all before,” he says.
There was only one weapon in the office: “It’s a legal weapon,” he says.
Kauffman doesn’t have a key to his home, which the detectives tell him they also will be searching. He goes through the garage, where a code is keyed in. That code, he explains, is in his phone.
When he finds out they also have a search warrant for the phone, he asks if he’ll get it back.
“My whole life is on that phone,” he says.
They also will be searching his car, he is told.
“Do I get my car back?” he asks. “Like today?”
It’s appears he doesn’t realize that he is being charged at that time.
“Now what happens?” he asks.
Kauffman is told an ambulance is coming to check him out.
“I’m OK,” he says.
He climbs into the ambulance at the 47:30 mark, and is told he’s going to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center’s City Campus.
“Why am I going to the hospital?” he asks several times.
“Sir because you threatened suicide,” a detective begin at 48:23 on the tape.
“Oh, cut me a break,” Kauffman interjects.
“Because you threatened suicide,” the detective continues again, “we have to do what we’re ordered to do.”
The video then continues for another few minutes as the two emergency medical technicians try to get him comfortable and ask a few questions.
Kauffman is now charged with murder, racketeering and other charges in his wife’s death. He allegedly paid for a hit on April Kauffman after she found out about the illegal prescriptions. Alleged partner and Pagan Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello is accused of setting up the killing along with planning to kill James Kauffman after his arrest. Eight people are charged in the drug ring.
One of Kauffman’s co-defendants, Paul Pagano, is due in court Thursday for a detention hearing. Kauffman and Augello have both been ordered held pending trial. Co-defendants Tabitha Chapman and John Mulholland were released with conditions pending trial.
Three others, including Augello’s ex-wife Beverly, remain out of state awaiting extradition to Atlantic County.