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Millville dogfighting raid leads to more than 100 dogs, multiple arrests

At top: Bruce, Bryce and Terri Low. Bottom row: William McClinton, Coy Dickenson, Travis Garron and Roosevelt Hart III.

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“We do not break any laws!” Royal Bull Kennels writes on its website.

The disclaimer makes clear that the company run by Bruce “Hollywood” Low Jr. knows “dog fighting is a felony.”

“We are not interested in going to prison at any point in time,” it states.

But that may be exactly where Low and others are heading after more than 100 dogs were seized during raids, BreakingAC has learned.

The multi-agency raid drew attention Wednesday, as dogs were taken from property owned by Low’s parents at corner of Hesstown Road and Route 49 in Millville.

At least eight people have been charged so far, with accusations including racketeering, money laundering, corporate misconduct and animal torture.

photo  Yellow studs shown on the site.

Authorities have remained tightlipped about the case, even as those arrested had their first court appearances and were set to be released from the Cumberland County jail.

Affidavits and court records viewed by BreakingAC give insight into the case, which is believed to be ongoing and could grow.

Police seized 103 “game dogs” from the Millville home, dubbed “the compound,” with two others found dead in a pit, according to affidavits that tell a tale of a money-making enterprise that used a legitimate construction business to launder money.

Bruce Low’s mother, Terri, allegedly put the money into various accounts, using Kisdir Group LLC, which the affidavits obtained by BreakingAC indicate is owned by Terri Low.

Low Jr.’s home in Milmay, Atlantic County, was also raided, with one dog found.

George McClinton, who lives next to “the compound,” had 22 dogs taken, the affidavit states.

Roosevelt Hart III, 29, who is identified as Low Jr.’s son-in-law and business partner had two dogs seized from his Broad Street home in Millville, court documents show.

Low Jr., 45, had several people caring for and training the dogs, including Mark Runkle, who was released on a summons and not jailed.

Coy Dickenson, 58, had dogs chained in the yard and living in barrels and kennels around his trailer on the Millville compound, the affidavit states. 

Suspected blood was found on a mural in an office structure, along with wooden walls used to construction the box/pit used for dog fights, the affidavit for him states.

Low Jr.’s son, 20-year-old Bryce Low, also was arrested, along with 37-year-old Travis Garron of Port Elizabeth in Maurice River Township.

The seven arrested had their first appearances Thursday afternoon, where they were informed that they were being released with required court check-ins. They also are barred from having contact with any pit bulls, but can keep any pets.

All except Low Jr. were represented by the public defender.

James Leonard Jr. represented Low Jr. The alleged ringleader originally reached out to former Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner, but Tyner was conflicted out due to his current police as a Vineland municipal prosecutor, according to what was said in court.

Leonard declined to comment on the case.

Low Jr. and his co-conspirators discussed dog fighting on Facebook, including several that belonged to chat groups where explicit videos and photos were exchanged.

photo  Equipment sold on the site.

Lowe Jr. signs his nickname — “Hollywood” — on the Royal Bull Kennels website, which was still active Thursday afternoon. The site includes studs for breeding and dogs for sale, along with equipment that includes a dog treadmill device.

The kennel also clones dogs, Low Jr. writes on the site.

“We linked up with one of the leading Bio-Technology (laboratories) in China, Sinogene,” he writes of a move in March 2023. “They have blazed the path to re-creating your pet a reality. The outcome of cloning your pet is unbelievable. The clone and the original share many of the exact attributes, such as DNA, temperament, intelligence, and appearance.”

photo  A disclaimer on the Royal Bull Kennels website insists that their dogs are never used for illegal activities.


Lynda Cohen

Lynda Cohen founded BreakingAC after working as a local newspaper reporter for more than two decades. She is an NJPA award-winner and was a Stories of Atlantic City fellow.

Sunday, May 19, 2024
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