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Car catches fire on Brigantine beach

Brigantine firefighters put out a fire in a car stuck on the beach during a busy Fourth of July morning.
Firefighters were called to Jetty Beach at 8:44 a.m., and Capt. Chris Solari arrived three minutes later to a fully involved vehicle fire, Chief Tiger Platt said.
SR-8, a four-wheel drive vehicle designed for these types of calls, arrived moments later, when firefighters used the bumper turret to knock down the fire, according to the report.
The SR-8 “performed flawlessly,” the chief said. “The firefighters on scene did a phenomenal job.”
After the fire was knocked down, firefighters used shovels to throw sand on areas that would not extinguish due to flammable liquids still burning, the chief said.
The vehicle had gotten stuck in the sand and the occupants were attempting to get it out when they saw fire coming from the engine compartment, Platt said. There were no injuries reported. During this incident, there were multiple calls for service being handled by other on-duty firefighters around the island it what was becoming a busy holiday for the department, he said.
The beach was later closed to vehicle traffic due to the number already on the Cove and Jetty beaches, police said. 
Pedestrians will still be permitted to access these areas, police said.
They also asked that people not call emergency dispatch to ask if the beaches have been re-opened to vehicles, as they are expecting a high volume of calls through the day and want to keep the lines open to those in need of help.


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