Absecon doctor who led drug ring free after seven months

An Absecon doctor sentenced to four years in prison for leading an opioid ring is out on parole after serving less than seven months.
Alan Faustino, 50, was released on the Intensive Supervision Program, or ISP, on Jan. 30, records show.
ISP has more limitations than regular parole, with participants required to follow certain rules, including where they can live and having to follow a curfew.
Faustino led a drug ring that put more than 1,200 pills on the street each day, Chief Assistant Prosecutor Janet Gravitz told the judge at his sentencing in July.

He was a drug dealer with a medical license, whose practice had “busloads” of people paying $300 for a visit that included no examination, only a prescription that put more opioids on the street, Gravitz told Superior Court Judge Bernard DeLury.
But defense attorney Mark Roddy said Faustino was feeding his own addiction, sparked by medical issues that included a painful nerve condition.
Faustino faced as many as 10 years in prison under the plea agreement. Roddy had argued for a non-custodial sentence.
The judge agreed some prison time was required, sentencing him under the three- to five-year time frame given for a third-degree crime even though Faustino pleaded to second-degree.