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Ex-Pagan to give up Facebook under Kauffman witness-tampering plea

A retired Pagan Motorcycle Club member who admitted to witness-tampering through Facebook posts will have to give up the social media platform forever under a plea agreement, according to Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner.
John Kachbalian pleaded guilty last month to witness-tampering in the Kauffman drug and murder case, BreakingAC previously reported.
But the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office only released an announcement about the terms this week, saying it’s probation conditioned by 364 days in jail.
Friday’s news release says Kachbalian pleaded guilty to a third-degree charge — brought down from the original first-degree charge — “on Thursday.”
Court records show he pleaded guilty April 4, a Thursday.

The Egg Harbor Township was jailed Aug. 30, after several Facebook posts included references to the case and the “rats” who pleaded guilty and would be testifying against Ferdinand Augello.
Augello is now serving a life sentence for leading a drug ring with the late Dr. James Kauffman, with an additional 30 years for his part in the killing of Kauffman’s wife, local radio host and veterans advocate April Kauffman.
At a September detention hearing in which Kachbalian was ordered held, Superior Court Judge Bernard DeLury called the posts “a clarion call” to other Pagans and their supporters to deal with those “rats” who would come out against Augello.
Kachbalian was ordered to shut down his social media and was kept jailed at that time. His release was granted after Augello’s trial ended with him convicted on all counts.
Kachbalian’s Facebook continued to be shut down and he has not returned calls seeking comment.
“The plea also calls for no contact and no further use of Facebook, as per the Prosecutor’s wishes,” Friday’s release states.

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