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Pleasantville standoff ends after seven hours

A standoff with a barricaded Pleasantville man ended without incident when SWAT officers went into the man’s apartment after he broke off talks and appeared to be injured.
Police were called to the 1300 building of the Skyline Condominiums on North Franklin Boulevard at about 3:15 p.m. Thursday for a disorderly man, Capt. Matt Hartman said.
When police arrived, the man was shouting at maintenance workers from his second-floor apartment, but then shifted his focus to the officers, Hartman said.
The man’s name is not being released pending further investigation as to whether any criminal charges will be filed.
Maintenance workers told police that the man started throwing things at them after he was told they needed to make repairs inside his apartment.
The man’s windows were covered and barricaded with various items when police got there, Hartman said.
The man refused to open the door to them, and appeared to be highly agitated, according to the report. He was yelling at officers through the door.
The Pleasantville Fire Department and Rescue were called after officers smelled something burning inside the apartment, Hartman said.
The building was evacuated as a precaution, with additional units coming to the scene, along with Tricare EMS.
Attempts to contact the man via phone were unsuccessful.
Several Crisis Negotiations personnel from the Pleasantville Police Department assisted by members of the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office Crisis Negotiation team then used a bullhorn.
The man eventually removed some of the barricade from the windows, then broke several windows in the apartment and threw multiple items out of the windows.
Additional officers responded from Egg Harbor Township and Absecon to assist at the scene. Members of the Atlantic County SWAT Team also responded.
After seven hours, the man broke off contact with the officers. That is when the decision was made to enter the apartment out of concern for the man, who appeared to be injured, Hartman said.
SWAT personnel found the man inside and he was removed without further incident, according to the report.
He was transported by Tricare EMS for further medical and psychological evaluation.

NOTE: This story was originally published July 30. It has been updated to include details of the incident.

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