Atlantic City man pleads guilty to gun charges

joaquin dejesus

An Atlantic City man who was arrested with guns and drugs pleaded guilty to two counts of certain persons not to possess a weapon.

Joaquin DeJesus, 53, was on release pending sentencing in a drugs and guns case when he was arrested in August with guns and drugs.

The first case stemmed from a warranted search of an apartment on South Madison Avenue, where police found 38 clear baggies of cocaine, a rifle bag with a loaded AM-15 rifle with an extended magazine, a bag containing a handgun box with a Beretta 9mm model .92 with two magazines and a bag with an MP UZI 9mm with an extended magazine.

DeJesus pleaded guilty in that case and was released May 10, against the state’s objection.

But he was taken into custody Aug. 16, outside the Sheraton Hotel, where he was found with cocaine and $1,505 in cash.

A search of his room led to a 9 mm handgun and an additional 4½ grams of cocaine and about $6,000 in cash from drug sales.

DeJesus’ plea calls for eight years with five years of parole ineligibility.

He is scheduled to be sentenced May 23.