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Galloway K-9 sniffs out drugs during car stop

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Galloway Township's K-9 dog has a nose for drugs.

Narco is credited with leading police to a combination of drugs during a car stop Friday.

Manuel Rosa, 41, of Camden, was stopped for careless driving at 10:41 p.m. on the White Horse Pike near the intersection at Quince Avenue, according to court records.

During the investigation, police suspected criminal activity and asked that K-9 Narco come to the scene.

The dog then gave a positive indication for drugs, police said.

A search led to about a pound of marijuana, 52½ grams of cocaine, about 44 doses of MDMA, about 95 individual doses and two partial doses of Xanax and about $4,040 in cash believed to be from the sale of drugs, according to the charges. 

Rosa was  arrested and is in the Atlantic County Justice Facility.

It's not the first time Narco has been heralded for his work. He came out of the kennel making a name for himself.


The dog's first shift with his two-legged partner, Officer Brent Lopez, in March of last year led to an arrest after Narco's positive indication during a vehicle stop led to 115 wax folds containing heroin, police said at the time. 

There was also a Glock 19 semi-automatic handgun reported stolen from Atlantic City with a large-capacity magazine.

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If you are someone you know is suffering from opioid addiction, the Galloway Township Police Department can help with seeking treatment. For additional resources visit the State of New Jersey website at, www.REACHNJ.GOV or call 1-844-REACHNJ.


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