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Atlantic City chef serves food and hope to hungry

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An emerging culinary trend that began as a simple church fundraiser combines the familiarity of home-cooked meals with the oneness of community spirit. 

Operation Bounce Back is a fight against economic and nutritional hardship spearheaded by chef and culinary expert Andre Murphy.

One plate at a time, Chef Murphy is reviving neighborhoods, feeding the hungry and healing souls with his imaginative and dedicated approach.

This past week, the Atlantic City native held five feeding events at various locations. 

He will mark his 210th with a Father’s Day cookout at the Pleasantville Housing Authority from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday. There will be music, games, and food, all free. 

A man with a purpose

Murphy has 28 years of culinary experience. But his journey to feed those in need started with his mom's treasured recipe and a church fundraiser.

Murphy's Chicken and Potatoes first appeared during a benefit for Pleasantville's Grace Tabernacle Church in 2020.

The initiative's success and subsequent FDA clearance enabled the chef to set his goal of feeding those with food insecurity.

It also motivated him to increase his outreach efforts. After seeing firsthand the effects of poverty and food insecurity, he devised Operation Bounce Back.

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 The campaign will visit 70 locations and impact those in need by bringing financial and entrepreneurial energy to those places.  

Operation Bounce Back has reached thousands, with Murphy's Chicken and Potatoes helping those in need with hunger.  

The transformative power of giving by providing hot meals to those in need, including first responders and the homeless, has proven to be a success. Chef Murphy has served more than 30,000 meals and is ready to continue his work. 

Novel strategies in the fight against hunger 

Instead of focusing on short-term fixes, Murphy wants to help people develop long-term strategies for improvement and healing.

Operation Bounce Back has significantly influenced the community by allowing those in need to discover hope and tangible assistance. 

Some notable accomplishments include helping the economically disadvantaged, reducing hunger, providing assistance, and advancing underprivileged communities. 

There is a movement behind Operation Bounce Back, not only a mission. The program is helping communities advance with creative ideas, fostering resilience and empowering individuals to deliver millions of dollars in aid. In this bright future, every town prospers, and no one goes hungry. 

Operation Bounce Back has the support of more than 70 sponsors and endorsements, putting it in a solid position to raise more relief funds and help communities find innovative solutions.


Changing Lives

The faith in the healing power of shared meals and the possibility of community-led change is central to Chef Murphy's program. 

Operation Bounce Back owes its success to his tireless dedication to helping others and his creative problem-solving. 

Murphy's story is an uplifting testament to how good cuisine, good company and the strength of humans will change lives. 

When asked what the organization needs the most, Murphy said partners. 


Financial contributions can be made on the Operation Bounce Back website. Volunteers, corporate sponsorships, advocacy, awareness, and mentoring for entrepreneurs are also needed.


Shannon Hanselman

Shannon Hanselman has more than 27 years in local media, including newspaper and radio. The pandemic led her to "collect" degrees, adding culinary arts and creative writing to her degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting. Next up: certifications in interior decorating and photography from the New York Institute of Design.




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